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About Us

Judy Randon

Judy enjoys working with business owners and managers to ascertain what their needs are particularly in the area of marketing, business planning, and the training and development of teams and individuals. Judy works primarily in rural business, and has a strong industry background in horticulture, agriculture, food and drink manufacturing, leisure and tourism. Much of her work is around coaching and mentoring businesses and individuals to help identify their needs. Through her own experience, together with a strong network of other business specialists, Judy is able to offer clients effective solutions in a friendly, cost effective and flexible manner.

Simon Randon

Simon has over 25 years experience working in the IT industry. More recently, he has been specialising in AIX System Administration and Support for major clients such as Shell, and Aviva, responsible for building new systems, and managing data migrations for a variety of projects. He can also arrange web design and hosting for your company.