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Marketing and communication is a key area for any business. You may need some advice on developing a marketing plan for a new or existing product, or perhaps you need some practical advice on web design and e-commerce or e-marketing. Through associations with key specialists in these areas, we can assist in the development of a creative e-marketing strategy for your business.

We also run marketing workshops periodically which focus on a number of key areas required in any marketing campaign, such as:

  • Understanding what it is your customer wants/needs (market research)
  • Understanding the market place (competition, opportunities and threats, trends etc.)
  • Understanding how to communicate effectively to your potential customers (web site, direct mail, branding).
  • Understanding the importance of excellent customer service and how to ensure the customer journey is one that brings them back to buy your product/service time and again (customers and cash!).

These workshops are aimed at either people who are new to marketing, or for those who need to review their current marketing plans. They are designed to be hands-on, practical workshops so that what you learn can be implemented into your own business straight away. Follow up support is often available as part of the programme/workshop.

Often highly cost effective to you, these workshops endeavor to provide industry specialists in each particular area, and try to maximise any funding available to subsidise the cost of the workshops on your behalf.

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