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Specialist Training Workshops - Food Production

If you have a particular training need in your business, Judy will be pleased to help facilitate a workshop to suit. Working with industry groups in horticulture, agriculture, viticulture, brewing and other associations across the food industry, there are a number of areas where specialist workshops to suit your own particular type of business could be arranged (often with funding to subsidise cost). Some examples are:

  • Production techniques (environmental control, irrigation, waste management) e.g. production skills for micro-breweries
  • Technical skills on crop production, production processes, crop protection (using the services of an specialist in the field from the UK or EU to concentrate on a particular area)
  • Working with a multi-cultural workforce (team building, communication skills)
  • Food safety and food safety management (including HACCP)
  • Farm shop layout and design, customer service and latest trends in local food markets
  • Internal auditing skills
  • Product development
  • Butchery skills / cheese production

The list above is not exhaustive and other workshops can be organised. Alternatively, some areas within the food industry are very specific and involve a one to one type of training. Please always ask as there may well be ways to help fund this training especially where a specific business objective has been identified. These workshops can be arranged at a venue to suit or on your own site.

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